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Buying At Auction

Hassle Free Steps to Buying at Auction

You can call to our auction yard in Naas any day from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or view the item on line. Our web site is updated daily as items for auction arrive into our yard. The ideal time for viewing is 2/3 days prior to auction as all items are in our yard and available for viewing. If you see an item that is of interest, please note the 5 figure reference number and give us a call to obtain more details. Remember all items sold at our auctions are SOLD AS SEEN and you are strongly advised to check out the item fully before auction. Reserve or guide prices are not issued before auction. However after auction if an item has not been sold the guide price will be available and the item will be open to offers.

Getting your Bidding Number to Bid at Auction when attending in person
This can be done on the day of the auction or 3 days prior to auction.

You will be asked to complete a bidding form with your name, address and contact numbers. A bidding deposit of €1,000 will be required to obtain the number to bid on the day.

The €1,000 deposit can be paid by the following methods.

Bank Draft made payable to Ganly Craigie (2000) Limited
Credit Card
Cash will be accepted but only with a copy of your Driving Licence or Passport and on the strict understanding that any refund will be by cheque only. (NO CASH REFUNDS)

Cheques cannot under any circumstances be accepted for deposits.
You will be given a receipt for the deposit which you should retain carefully in order to obtain a refund in the event that you do not make a purchase. If you buy at auction your deposit will be credited to your account.

Getting your Bidding Number but unable to attend the Auction.
Many bidders avail of the facility to register and bid on line. Just follow the on line procedure on our web site. You are advised to register the day prior to auction in order to receive your login details in time for you to bid. You will be asked for your credit card number and a pre authorisation will be taken for €1,000 - The card amount will only be charged if you purchase on line at the auction.

Bidding on an Item at Auction
Each item for auction will be displayed on the big screen and the auctioneer will call for bids. If you want to bid raise your bidding number and the auctioneer will acknowledge your interest. If the item is sold to you the hammer will fall and title will pass to you. The auctioneer will state the bidding number that is the buyer of the particular item.  If the auctioneer takes a provisional bid this means that we will contact within a short period of time after we have contacted the seller of the item.

The Auction Price
As the auctioneer takes the bids these will be displayed on the bidding board beside the auction rostrum. Remember this price is the NET PRICE and you have to add the Auctioneers Fee and Value Added Tax to this price to give you the total you must pay for the item.

What are the Fees I have to Add to the Net Price (Hammer Price)

Fees are 7.50% on items sold for €5 to €2,500 Euros

Fees are 5% on items sold for €2,501 upwards

You then add Value Added Tax at 23%

What do I do when I buy at Auction?
Firstly your deposit will go against the item you have purchased. You will have 5 working days to collect and pay for the item, after which storage charges will be levied. Payment will be by bank draft or bank transfer or by cash for small amounts (€5,000 or less). We will take your cheque in payment but you must allow 5 working days for the cheque to clear the bank system and before the goods are released. Make sure that you have Identification with you when collecting the item or if you are sending someone else to collect they must have a letter of authority from you. If you fail to pay for the item within 5 working days your deposit will be forfeited.

Insurance Cover
Whilst every care is taken with all items in our auction yard you are advised to have your purchases added to your insurance cover as soon as purchased at our auction.