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Selling FAQ's

Q. When will I be paid for my item once is sells at auction?
A. Payment is made the Thursday following an auction once payment is received from the buyer. T&C apply.

Q. How will I receive payment for my item once it sells at auction?
A. A cheque will be posted to the address supplied on your entry form. View our Sellers Fee Guide

Q. Will I be called if my item sells at auction?
A. You will only be contacted should your item reach a bid below the reserve price to see if you want to accept the provisional sale, your sales executive will advise you on the best course of action in this situation. If your item reaches the reserve price at auction it will automatically be sold and a cheque will be issued in the post. In this case you will not be phoned, however you may contact our sales team the day after the auction to check the status of your sale.

Q. What is a provisional sale?
A. A provisional sale is where your item reaches a bid close to the reserve price. The item will be provisionally sold to the bidder, however you are under no obligation to accept this bid.

Q. What is the reserve price?
A. The reserve price is a guide to the amount your item will make at auction.

Q. How do I decide on what reserve to put on my item to sell it?
A. Bring your item into Ganly Craigie. A sales executive will view your item and guide you on a suitable reserve.

Q. Can I sell vehicles that are not registered in the Rep of Ireland?
A. No. Ganly Craigie are unable to sell vehicles that are not registered in the Republic of Ireland.

Q. Once my item sells at the auction, can the buyer cancel the sale?
A. This is very unlikely as once the hammer falls the buyer enters into a legal contract, however the buyer may cancel the sale and terms and conditions apply. Should this situation arise, your item will automatically be entered into our next auction.

Q. Where can I get the entry forms?
A. Entry forms are available here or alternatively at our auction house in Naas or upon request by post or e-mail. Contact us on 045 988 777

Q. How is the ownership of the vehicle taken out of my name?
A. You must sign the Vehicle License Certificate (formally the logbook) of the vehicle in question and we then send that form to the Department of the Environment in Shannon Co. Clare, where the vehicle will be taken out of your name and transferred into the name of the new owner.

Q. Can I change my mind after I buy a vehicle?
A. No, sorry! A legal contract is entered into once the hammer has fallen and payment must be made within 5 days, either by bank draft, bank transfer, laser card or credit card.

For further information please do not hesitate to Contact Ganly Craigie