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Frequently Asked Questions - Buyers

Can I come to the auction and not bid?
Yes – All our auctions are open to the public.

Why do people Buy or Sell at our Auctions
They are time saving and hassle free. If selling you will have no expensive advertising, time wasters and sellers get paid without the worry of a bounced cheque.

Any other benefits if I am buying at auction?
Prices tend to be much cheaper and you can always get a bargain. You will have a wide choice from 500 to 700 Lots with several different makes and models.

Any advice before I start bidding?
The auction runs very fast, about 80 lots per hour. On your first trip you may just want to sit and watch before you register to bid.

What is the meaning of Reserve Price?
When the seller enters the item into our auction they set a minimum price that they will accept for the asset (The reserve price) The auctioneer will not sell the item for less than this price without the sellers consent. The reserve price is only known by the auctioneer and the seller prior to the auction. Of course in many cases the item will sell in excess of the reserve price.

What is the meaning of a provisional sale?
This is when the last bid taken is below the reserve price and the auctioneer will state this item is sold provisionally and takes the number of the bidder. We then contact the seller and advise them of the bid and carry out any negotiations between the parties. If agreement is not reached the provisional buyers deposit is immediately refunded.

What do you sell at your auction?
Mostly Plant & Machinery, Commercial Vehicles, Tools, have a look at our web site and you will be surprised what items are for auction. Occasionally we have specialised sales on behalf of the Revenue Authorities in addition to Liquidation and Clearance Auctions.

After I buy at your Auction can I change my mind?
No. Sorry once the hammer falls and the item is knocked down to you the item is yours, and must be paid for, within 5 working days otherwise you forfeit your €1,000 deposit.

I did not see a problem with the item I have bought and I want to cancel?
Sorry if you cancel you will forfeit your deposit. It is important to inspect all items before you bid as everything is Sold as Seen with No Warranty.

I hoped to get finance on the item but have been refused by the bank?
You are advised to have initial discussions with the bank before you attend the auction and to get initial approval, and know how much you can spend. Failure to get finance will not be accepted as an excuse to cancel and therefore the deposit will be forfeited.